Tool Fab offers an expanding line of cartridges used in indexable tools. Let us know what cartridges you need and we'll make them for you!

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Cartridges (ISO Standards)

ISO standard cartridge

While many indexable tool manufacturers have phased or thinned out their cartridge product offerings, Tool Fab manufactures special and stock-standard cartridges for use in indexable tools of various designs and machining applications. Our wide variety of stock ISO cartridges come in various sizes and insert options and are competitively priced. The most important thing is that these cartridges are almost always in stock and ready for immediate shipment. These ISO cartridges are pocketed for standard ISO inserts that are sold by most insert manufacturers. If you have a need for standard cartridges that are not in our catalog, let us know and we’ll consider making it and stocking it for you. Request for Quote

To see our Standard ISO Cartridges — Click on this Downloadable PDF File

Tool Fab also designs and manufactures special, custom-engineered cartridges that can be pocketed for any insert required in your machining application. Contact us at or (800) 790-8665 / (414) 453-5030 to talk with us about your needs. You can also go to the RFQ page to submit an RFQ.