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About Us

Tool Fab connects people with cutting tool solutions. It’s our mantra, it’s our mission. We want to connect with you because Tool Fab exists to serve you. Your success is our success!

Tool Fab is dedicated to helping manufacturers minimize their costs per part and time investments. We interface with manufacturing engineers and our distributor sales partners to supply tools that connect customer objectives with innovative tool solutions – all in an effort to conserve that precious and costly resource – time. Time savings come via a number of different channels. The obvious and most important channels are quality part production and run-time savings, but Tool Fab offers more. Manufacturers today have less people doing more jobs – you are probably living this reality at your company right now. Tool Fab will help you lift the burden of time by being an engineering weapon for you in your duties to attain production goals. We connect people with cutting tool solutions – it’s what we’ve done for 40 years and we continue to get better at it each and every year.

Tool Fab connects with people through old-fashioned courtesy and professional customer service combined with irreplaceable tooling experience and engineering technology. We are proud to say that it is our connection to people that makes our job important and satisfying.

Tool Fab’s connections to people within the cutting tool industry started in 1970 in Special Tools (carbide-tipped or “TCT” specials). As the industry developed new indexable tooling technologies to produce metal parts, Tool Fab’s Special Tool designs were enhanced to meet customer challenges. In addition to our Special Tool expertise, Tool Fab developed our own standard products such as Indexable Port Tools, Indexable Carbide Shank Boring Bars, ISO Cartridges, Flush-cut Tool Holders, Indexable Cap-screw Counterbores and Indexable Chamfer Mills. In 2001 we acquired Schmarje Thread Mill Company (Muscatine, IA) which allowed Tool Fab to offer the best full-form solid carbide and TCT thread mills in the world. In 2003 we acquired McCrosky Tool (Meadville, PA) which allowed Tool Fab to take older tool technologies (Adjustable Reamers, Nobursink Tools and Serrated Bladed Milling Cutters) and apply them to today’s manufacturing challenges. In 2004 we acquired RK Cutting Tools (Hudson, OH) and now offer a full line of mold making tools and inserts. In 2011 we were acquired by BlackHawk Industrial.

Tool Fab owns some of the best fully integrated 5-axis CNC machining and grinding technology that money can buy. We could try to impress you with the details of our state-of-the art equipment, software and factory lay-out, but the truth is that all of the best “stuff” in the world doesn’t matter unless it’s connected to capable, hard-working and honest people. It’s our people connecting with you that make all of the difference. We can’t wait to prove this to you, and we look forward to connecting with you sometime soon!