Tool Fab manufactures custom serrated blades and wedges used in serrated-bladed, dove-tail and gangset milling cutters. These blades are precision ground in-house to accomplish large blended radius machining challenges.

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Carbide Tipped Serrated Blades & Wedges

Tool Fab manufactures high-speed steel and carbide tipped (TCT) blades and wedges for various machining needs and applications. Many times the cutting blades have serrations on one side of the blades to be used in the pockets of large serrated-bladed milling cutters (which we also design and manufacture). These milling cutters use serrated wedges to lock the blades into the pockets of the cutters — we make these wedges in various special shapes and sizes. We manufacture both the blades and wedges here at Tool Fab — specific to your tool requirements and design.

In addition, Tool Fab manufactures various other types of unique high-speed steel or TCT cutting blades such as tidal blades, shear blades and reamer blades.

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