Tool Fab’s indexable carbide shank boring bars utilize a V-braze for strength, rigidity and durability. These are standard items available in RH or LH designs in solid or coolant-through shanks.

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Indexable Carbide Shank Boring Bars

Carbide Shank Boring Bar Carbide Shank Boring Bar
Tool Body
Part No.*
ISO Class Tool Fab Insert Part No.** Insert ISO No. Tool Fab Screw Part No. Min Bore
Shank Diameter
Rake Angle
Center Line Dim.
Insert Lead
TF 06250RE06TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.5006.000.375-150.2505
TF 06250LE06TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.5006.000.375-150.2505
TTF 06250R0E06TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.5006.000.375-150.2500
TTF 06250R3E06TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.5006.000.375-150.2503
TF 06251RE08TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.6258.000.500-90.3135
TF 06251LE08TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.6258.000.500-90.3135
TTF 06251R0E08TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.6258.000.500-90.3130
TTF 06251L3E08TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.6258.000.500-90.3133
TTF 06251R5E08TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.6258.000.500-90.3135
TF 06252RE10TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.81210.000.625-70.4065
TF 06252LE10TF 07223CCMT 21.51TF 262500.81210.000.625-70.4065
TTF 06252R3E10TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.81210.000.625-70.4063
TTF 06252L3E10TTF 07223TCMT 21.51TF 262500.81210.000.625-70.4063
TF 06253RE12TF 07224CCMT 32.52TF 262531.00010.000.750-100.5005
TF 06253LE12TF 07224CCMT 32.52TF 262531.00010.000.750-100.5005
TF 06254RE16TF 07224CCMT 32.52TF 262531.25010.001.000-50.6255
TF 06254LE16TF 07224CCMT 32.52TF 262531.25010.001.000-50.6255

*Note: Please specify C-2 or C-5 Carbide Grade.
**Note: Please specify S (solid) or C (coolant-through) to the Tool Body Part No. (i.e.TF06252RC)

R=Right Hand
L=Left Hand