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Tool Fab’s thread mills are the best quality in the industry. Our thread mills are cam-ground for durability and ease of re-grinding for long life and low cost thread production.

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Thread Mill Data & Classification

Suggested Speeds and Feeds for Solid Carbide and Carbide Tipped Thread Mills

The following are starting points and assume ideal manufacturing conditions (please adjust for your circumstances):

Material Surface
Feet Per Minute (SFM)
.250-.350 0.500 0.750 1.000 2.000
Aluminum and Magnesium800-up.002-.004.003-.006.004-.008.006-.009.007-.010
Hard Bronze220-280.001-.002.002-.003.004-.006.004-.007.005-.008
Cast Iron - Soft200-280.001-.002.002-.004.003-.005.004-.007.005-.008
Cast Iron - Hard180-250.001-.002.002-.003.003-.004.004-.005.005-.006
Steel - Soft230-400.002-.003.002-.004.005-.005.003-.006.004-.007
Steel - Medium200-350.001-.003.001-.003.002-.004.003-.005.004-.007
Steel - Hard120-220.001-.002.001-.003.002-.004.002-.004.002-.005
Stainless Steel120-220.001-.002.001-.003.002-.004.002-.004.002-.005


Classification Diagram