Nobursink Tools

Chatter-free performance in deburring, chamfering and countersinking. Circular clearance eliminates snagging or seizing. Ideal for low horsepower or hand-held applications.

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Nobursink Tools

Nobursink Tools

Unequalled performance in deburring, chamfering and countersinking operations.

Quality Performance

Precision engineered to cut most metals and plastics without chatter (not recommended for aluminum or bronze applications).

Self-piloting, self-centering action for free-cutting, low torque deburring and consistently concentric chamfers and countersinks.

Uniform smooth surface finish with no secondary burr.

Controlled radial relief for positive, chatter-free engagement even in light deburring/ chamfering operations.

Constructed from high speed steel, heat-treated and precision ground for dependable operation.

Versatile Application

Compatible with lightweight machine tools and portable drill motors.

Easily re-ground (cylindrically) without special grinding equipment; no cam grinding or hand relieving necessary.

Carbide-tipped tools available for highly abrasive or difficult-to-machine applications.

Wide range of configurations for specific needs.

Efficient Operation

Two cutting edges for double life in tools up to 1" capacity; a single cutter in larger tools, 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" capacity to meet low torque requirements.

High-rake shear angles for minimal cutting pressure.

Circular clearance provides controlled entry, eliminates snagging or seizing.

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